Review of The Hidden Prince by Tessa Afshar

Writing biblical fiction is a challenge for many reasons. One of the biggest challenges is the element of surprise.

Those of us who read the genre are usually very familiar with the storyline before we ever turn a page. We hope against hope for something different because we want to be entertained as well as informed. The thing we absolutely don’t want is to be bored! The Hidden Prince is full of surprises! One of them being who the hidden prince is! Thought I knew by the title, but nope! I was wrong, and delighted to be surprised at the revelation.

Afshar has done a masterful job of creating distinctive voices for all her characters, the young prince especially. “Give me that poxy tunic with the stinking bells. But if you ever tell anyone about this, I will have to gut you like a fish.” POXY! I love it! And Keren’s voice is very distinctive as well.

The Hidden Prince is a beautifully written story filled with adventure, intrigue, love, and forgiveness. You really shouldn’t miss this one. You’ll love it.