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Have you ever thought about the innkeeper who sent Mary and Joseph to the stable because there was no room in the inn? When he stood before God, do you think he wished he’d slept in the hay and given Mary his own bed? Imagine knowing for all eternity that you sent Jesus out to sleep with the cows and sheep!

In I was a Stranger, Marilyn Parker looks at Matthew 25 where Jesus, in His own words, warns that whatever we do to one of the “least” of His brothers or sisters, we do to Him. She draws on her forty years as the wife of a pastor—who regularly brought unannounced strangers home for a meal and a place to sleep, hosted ministers and missionaries, and kept the door open to his congregation—for both sobering and side-splitting stories about her family’s experiences with Christian hospitality. Marilyn also addresses the heart of the Christian, the church, and the country towards immigrants and Muslims, people with different lifestyles and world views—the strangers among us, for whom Jesus so freely gave His life.

I was a Stranger is full of practical advice on how to entertain people in your home. AND it includes Cooking for Company, a cookbook full of stranger-tested recipes Marilyn used to feed all of those wonderful people. Be sure to check out the best-in-the-world-brownie recipe (it really is the best!), cowboy cookies, and authentic chicken enchiladas! Enjoy!

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