Persevering Women

About Rebecca

I’m so happy to introduce my daughter, Rebecca. She and I co-author Persevering Women. She’s such a joy to work with. We have way too much fun! I know you’re going to love her.

So, as you all now know, I’m Rebecca—beloved, humble, soft-spoken daughter of Marilyn. Ha! Well, a girl can dream. Right? 

It’s such a privilege to be doing this blog with my mom, my mentor, the one who has  followed hard after God and never given up on her family, her marriage, and most importantly, her Savior.

I am also a preacher/missionary’s kid, the firstborn of four—which makes me the boss. Although my siblings have never really bought into that. Go figure.  
I’m a very patient and loving wife. I can actually hear my husband’s eyes rolling. Ha! 

Over thirty years ago, God brought a boy into my life who was also a preacher’s kid—which means we brought special baggage into our marriage, leaving us fifty shades of messed up at times.

I’m so grateful for Doug.  

He has loved every shade and size of me, persevered through this not-so-perfect life with me, and slowly evolved into an adult with me. Veeeerrrrryyyy slowly. Wink!

We have two beautiful girls, Tarah and Kylah, and an amazingly patient son-in-law, George. Our girls are quite the jokesters. Most days they either have me laughing my head off, or crying, begging for a break from the drama.   

I was an OB/GYN RN for many years. Presently I am a lactation nurse. I adore my patients and love showing them my Savior’s love by serving them. 

Mom and I hope you’ll visit Persevering Women often. We love to share our stories and our faith. Looking forward to seeing you soon.